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Developed in a top secret lab over the course of the past eighteen months, RGCD.DEV's Pan-Dimensional Conga Combat is a rhythm-synchronised, old-school, score-chasing arcade game that plays like some alien coin-op from another dimension. Grab your Conganoid and join the Elder Gods in the competitive ceremonial slaughter of annoyingly happy (yet extremely deadly) geometric, pan-dimensional critters!

Conga Combat is not a typical arena-shooter. Defend yourself against the pan-dimensional critters using your bullet tail, close enemy portals by looping around them and charge up your hyper-destructive mega-lazor by laying a path of bullets in front of the mindless, drifting purploids. Oh, and stay the hell out of the way of the EVIL X - those dudes are BAD news!

Combining trippy visual effects and coffee-break sized bytes of hardcore action, Conga Combat can be played solo in either arcade or survival mode. Arcade plays like a typical coin-op, with the player starting from the beginning each game, jumping from dimension to dimension by achieving the ever-growing kill-quota on each stage. Alternatively, the 'pure' survival mode sees the player facing an endless horde of increasingly aggressive geometric critters in a single arena for as long as they can.

Got some people over for a gaming session? We've got you covered with our old-school, timed local-multiplayer mode where you can battle your against your friends and family for high-score supremacy!

Conga Combat features:

  • Rhythm-synchronized arcade action!
  • Eye-popping visual effects!
  • Fast-paced play sessions that are perfect for that coffee-break adrenaline blast!
  • Two different single-player modes from which you can unlock the game's four dimensions!
  • Local multiplayer high-score battle mode for up to four players!
  • Four-track Renoise OST of heavy-weight acid/chip/funk breaks composed by Ilija 'iLKke' Melentijevic!
  • A playable tutorial to explain those non-obvious alien game mechanics in full!
  • Xbox 360 controller support (in addition to cursors, z/y and x)!

Artwork by Folmer Kelly (Wrassling, Battle Golf, Hot Tin Roof) and music and additional pixels from Ilija 'iLKke' Melentijevic (One More Line/Dash, OTTTD, Cat Astro Phi). Developed using GameMaker: Studio, with GML wizardry by Jamie Howard and James Monkman at RGCD.

Minimum System Requirements (Windows):

  • Windows 7 (or above)
  • 1.65 GHz Dual Core Processor (or better)
  • 2GB RAM
  • AMD Radeon HD 6320 / NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 (or better)
  • Up to date installation of DirectX

Note: the above specs are based on the oldest/worst machines that we have available that the game still runs at 60FPS+ on. As a more simple reference, it runs at full frame rate on a Dell Inspiron M5040 laptop that I bought back in 2012 for around £300.

Please note that Conga will be available on Steam in February 2018!

Conga was a game designed for competitive score chasing, and we've been working on a Steam port so that we can use their online leaderboards.
Once complete and uploaded, everyone who purchased the game here will also receive a Steam key.

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Tags16-bit, Arcade, Local multiplayer, Retro, Shoot 'Em Up, Singleplayer
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


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